Dr. Tahn Trimble
Medical Director

You are not alone.

Over 28 million Americans suffer from severe headaches. This is more than asthma and diabetes combined. The societal burden of headaches accounts for an estimated $15 billion annually due to decreased work productivity.


For many of you, personally, the cost of these headaches is also tremendous. You have compromised your quality of life, your relationship with loved ones, and your personal happiness. In seeking a headache solution, some of you have experienced the repeated disappointment of unsuccessful treatments. Others have begun to feel hopeless and have even accepted their headaches as a way of life.

It does not have to be this way! You do not have to live in pain and uncertainty. With our guidance and care, you can take control of your headaches and live the life you want to live.

Please continue to explore this website to better understand the treatment options we provide and the care you will receive as a Horizon Headache Center patient. I hope it will be enlightening as to how we can help you and why our multi-disciplined approach and comprehensive services could be the solution you have sought.

Come visit us soon. I look forward to our journey together to health, happiness, and a better future.

Dr. Tahn Trimble MD