"My experience with Horizon Headache Center was very rewarding. I had migraines about everyday for 6 years. I went to 3 different doctors and tried 7 different medicines, but nothing helped until I went to Horizon Headache Center.

Within 2 months, my headache was gone. No medicine, just therapy. It is amazing!! I can hardly believe it myself. I feel like I have my life back. I recommend Horizon Headache very highly.

They are very professional. If you have migraines or headaches--just go to Horizon Headache and see for yourself."


"Since discovering HHC in May, I have reclaimed my life! As a 26 year sufferer of chronic migraines, I have seen dozens of specialists, been on 82 different drug therapies over the years and still found no relief. I arrived at HHC with an 18-day migraine and left there pain-free...Thank you to the caring, wonderful staff at HHC for giving me back my life!"


"I've dealt with headaches for the past 10-12 years, bouncing between 3 neurologists all while trying a series of medications and procedures. In the past I was encountering about 4 headaches a week, lasting anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. Medications became useless and there seemed to be zero progress on preventing their onset or finding a trigger.

I heard about Horizon Headache Center from my wife and my primary care physician. After my initial visits with Dr. Tahn Trimble MD and Jeremy Kruger PT, MSPT, I felt very comfortable and confident in proceeding with the recommended physical therapy for my particular situation. Now, my headaches have almost dissipated completely!

Horizon Headache Center has been simply amazing! Their staff is extremely personable and considerate. I highly recommend seeing them, at the very least for a consult. I can honestly say, I feel the best I have felt in 12 years. I am truly appreciative; a gigantic thank you to everyone at Horizon Headache Center!"


"I don't know where to start when it comes to the Horizon Headache Center. I have had migraines and bad headaches for years. One day on my way to work I had a car wreck and about killed myself (five weeks in the hospital). After the wreck my headaches got worse. I had a local neurologist, but I was not getting much help. I went to my family doctor who made me appointments with many different neurologists and doctors, not counting ER visits.

Finally I went to Horizon Headache Center for help. So let me end the chase for you and see if they can help you. They sure have helped me a lot. My family can't believe how much they have helped me, especially my husband. Before I had gotten help, I missed a lot of family get togethers because I was in so much pain. I cannot thank Horizon Headache Center enough. I enjoy life a lot better now than I have in years. The staff is wonderful and they are there to help you."

--S. and M. WILLIAMS