Headaches occurring during pregnancy poses therapeutic difficulties as many medications for headache relief have either an unknown safety profile in pregnancy or are known to be detrimental in pregnancy.

At Horizon Headache Center, we are able to provide our pregnant patients with non-pharmacological options to manage their headaches, without the worry of detrimental risks to their unborn child.

Treatment options such as physical therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and use of a nighttime dental appliance are great examples of safe non-medication treatment of headaches during pregnancy that we offer at Horizon.

In addition, obstetric headache patients can take advantage of our infusion suite to obtainneeded IV fluids or anti-emetics as an outpatient for their severe acute headaches without having to wait in an uncomfortable emergency room.

Horizon Headache Center is an ideal treatment facility for integrative headache care in obstetric patients. We can help patients whose headaches do not respond to medications that are safe in pregnancy and also patients who would prefer to try a therapeutic option beyond pharmaceuticals first.