How do I make an appointment?

It is easy to make an appointment. You can either

1)      Call to schedule an appointment at 263-2222 or
2)      Click here to fill out our online form.


Do I need a referral from a physician to be seen?

No, we accept both physician referrals and patient self-referrals.  However, if you have a primary care physician, please let us know so that we can contact them to coordinate your care. It is most beneficial if we can obtain information concerning your health condition from your primary care physician.


Do you treat adults, children, and seniors?

Yes, we treat patients of all ages.  All our providers have excellent experience treating patients in any age group.


How long is the wait for an initial appointment?

Generally, we are able to schedule new patient visits within two weeks.


What should I bring to my initial visit?

We will send a packet of initial patient forms to you once you have scheduled your first visit.

You may also visit our Initial Patient Forms page to download all needed forms.

At your first appointment, we request that you bring:

1) All initial patient forms
2) Prescription for consultation from your physician (if available), and
3) Any written reports of relevant tests and labs performed recently.


What can I expect at my initial visit?

Your initial evaluation will take about an hour. During this time, we will discuss your complete medical, social, and family history and as well as thoroughly discuss the nature of your headaches. During the initial evaluation, we will also review any past treatments you have tried and reasons why they were unsuccessful. Also, we will review any neuroimaging you may have had.

After completing a full history of your headaches and overall medical condition, you will have a complete physical examination with the focus of finding abnormalities that could be relevant to your headaches. Depending on the initial history and physical exam, you may have additional evaluations performed during the first visit. Examples of additional evaluations may  include, vision testing, cervical neck strength testing, laboratory testing, or neuroimaging, but are not limited to these.

At the end of your initial evaluation, your physician will sit down with you to discuss all possible causes for your headaches and will develop a treatment plan for you. You will receive a folder containing detailed explanations of each part of your treatment plan and will be scheduled for follow up visits accordingly. If you are in severe pain at the time of your initial visit, we may be able to address this pain immediately on this visit, then have you return for your comprehensive evaluation on a day you are feeling better.


How will my care at the Horizon Headache Center differ from past treatments I have tried?

Headache patients who have sought treatment elsewhere may have experienced multiple failed or difficult to tolerate medications, brief physician encounters, and a single disciplined approach to pain management. At Horizon Headache Center we believe it is imperative to give you, as our patient, the time it takes to fully explain your headache experience to us.

We will address multiple headache trigger factors with both medication and non-medication therapies using the combined knowledge from multiple disciplines of health care. Finally, we will embrace a partnership with you, providing you the necessary tools to manage your headaches successfully lifelong.


What do you mean by integrative headache management?

Integrative headache management refers to the use of knowledge from multiple disciplines to simultaneously treat underlying causes of headaches.

At Horizon Headache Center, we combine the expertise of comprehensive medical care, orofacial pain and dental medicine, physical and massage therapy, biofeedback, sleep modification, and health psychology. It is the integrative approach that makes our center unique and successful.


Why is Horizon Headache Center a non-narcotic health care facility?

At Horizon Headache Center, we do not prescribe any controlled substances, including narcotic or opiate pain medication, certain headache medications (such as Fioricet) and some psychiatric medications that can be addictive (such as Valium or Xanax).

We believe that these medications only serve to mask the true causes of pain and are actually very detrimental to a patient’s long term recovery. We have had great success treating patients without the use of narcotic medications and our patients appreciate that we are helping them achieve their treatment goals without exposing them to potentially harmful medication.

We will help our patients to wean off of any controlled substances that may be hindering the successful treatment of their headaches.


Will my care at the Horizon Headache Center be coordinated with my primary physician?

We always believe that specialty care is best when coordinated with your primary physician.  We provide direct communication lines to our referring physicians so that we are always available to discuss your care with your physician. We also send detailed medical records of your progress regularly to your primary care physician.


Do you have same day appointments available?

We do have same day appointments for acute headaches available for our established patients (meaning that you have been to see us before) and for any patient that is referred directly from a physician’s office, even new patients. We encourage you to call anytime you feel you need our services and we will do our best to see you expeditiously.


What should I do if I cannot make it to a scheduled appointment?

Because our headache management philosophy revolves around comprehensive care, success in our program is extremely dependent on patient compliance with scheduled appointments. However, we would like to be as flexible as possible to your schedule and we will understand if you are unable to keep  a scheduled appointment due to unplanned circumstances.

We ask that you provide us the courtesy of at least 24 hours of notice to reschedule your appointment, so that we can assist other patients who may need to be seen that day. We do have a strict no-show policy enforced with fines for appointments missed without notice.


How should I expect to hear back about my lab or test results?

We will always inform you about your results in a timely manner.  If any abnormalities are found on your labwork or test results, we will notify you immediately. If there are no abnormalities found, we will notify you by mail that your results are normal.

Most patients will have a follow up physician appointment just a few weeks after an initial visit, so any lab or test results can also be discussed at this follow up visit.

How much will my treatment cost?

For patients with medical insurance, our appointments and therapies will be covered the same as any other medical or therapeutic appointment would be under your insurance.You will most likely only have a co-payment for your initial office visit.

For patients requiring physical therapy in their treatment course, most medical insurance will pay for a set number of physical therapy visits minus a co-payment. Some insurance companies may require a prior authorization for certain testing or treatments. If this is the case, we will help you with obtaining approval for these items.

Click here to see which insurances we are currently accepting.

We do offer patient financial assistance, please call 859-263-2222 to discuss your options.