Immediate Initial Consultations

We are able to schedule new patient visits within two weeks of your consultation request. Our initial consultations are approximately one hour each in length and comprehensively address multi-disciplined aspects of headache medicine. We will fax a report to your office within one week of seeing your patient, as we value the coordination of all patient care.


Same Day Abortive Therapies
Even for new patients with a physician referral

We are able to provide same day outpatient headache abortive therapies, including IV fluids, intravenous and intramuscular medications, and other analgesic injections. Our therapies cover a broad range of headache medications and are all non-controlled substances.

Our infusion suite is custom designed for the care and comfort of a patient in severe pain. Referring providers will appreciate having a quickly accessible abortive therapy center as a comfortable and expedient alternative to emergency room care for your patients. Simply call our office if you have a patient in need of abortive therapy services and we will give you a same day appointment time.


Partnering with you
Pager accessible coordination of care

We truly feel that successful healthcare of a patient is impossible without good communication between specialty clinicians and referring providers. Because of this, we provide all our referring physicians with a direct physician pager number for ease in the coordination of patient care. Even after hours, we would be appreciate the opportunity to discuss the care of your patient with you.